TaeYeon Performs Buttons


Cute Taeng! TaeYeon performed the Pussycat Doll’s Buttons along with Nam Gyuri, Gain, and SunYe for the Music Bank End-Year Special on the 26th. How adorable — or I should say — SEXY does Tae look?

Is it me, or does TaeYeon give you a cutesy-sexy look unlike the other girls? Either way, everyone did a fine job on that performance!

Watch the show below!




TaeYeon Guest Stars on Radio Star’s Christmas Special


TaeYeon has been super busy lately with several guest spots on shows. She recently guest starred on Radio Star’s XMas special hosted by favorable MC’s.

The show which aired on the 24th in Korean showed TaeYeon’s skills as a singer and the show’s MC’s brought the house down by forming a street band.