SNSD Comeback With Kissing You!


Oh my~ All the girls were present at Music Bank’s Eng-Year Special and performed Kissing You. They look so pretty with their tutu’s and really lively. Err, who do you think looks the cutest in them! ^^ This marks their comeback in a while, but still performing their hit song from their first album.

I cannot wait for their comeback. ^^ Their mini album teaser will be released in just 6 days.

Watch the girls performing Kissing You on Music Bank below:

Some mysterious photos were published online this morning of the girls with lollipops and the word “Gee” on them. Hmm, are these teaser posters for the girls comeback that will be happening very soon?


More pictures after the cut!

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TaeYeon Performs Buttons


Cute Taeng! TaeYeon performed the Pussycat Doll’s Buttons along with Nam Gyuri, Gain, and SunYe for the Music Bank End-Year Special on the 26th. How adorable — or I should say — SEXY does Tae look?

Is it me, or does TaeYeon give you a cutesy-sexy look unlike the other girls? Either way, everyone did a fine job on that performance!

Watch the show below!